The State of Sex Ed in District 24

A long island school district is redoing their sex education curriculum and their local newspaper asked for some ideas they should consider. Unfortunately, they did none of what was suggested but learn what school districts should consider.  

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Intro to Sex Therapy with and Rachel Klechevsky discuss what Sex Therapy is and the general concerns of clients. 

* is an app with an AI that helps foster sexual exploration through chat. They also have articles and an advice column (which Rachel used to wr…

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When Parents Are Revered: The Childhood Experience

Rachel was invited onto Equal Footing with Dov Tuzman to discuss David Holbrooke's documentary The Diplomat. 

When parents are highly regarded members of their communities, what's the experience of their children? What happens when the parents are missi…

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Lesbian & Queer Experiences in Orthodox Judaism

Rachel was invited onto Equal Footing with Dov Tuzman to discuss the Queer and Les bian experience while growing up Orthodox. 

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Is Long Term Monogamy Extinct or Do we Simply Have More Options?

Rachel was featured on Equal Footing with Dov Tuzman to discuss the tenets of non -monogamy and what are the implications for long-term monogamy.

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Equal Footing: Evolutionary Purpose of the Female Orgasm

Rachel was invited on to radio show Equal Footing with Dov Tuzman to discuss religious perspec tives and the evolutionary purpose of the female orgasm. 

Do we need a purpose for pleasure? You can decide!

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