1. The Art of Decision Making: Regret & Choice

1. The Art of Decision Making: Regret & Choice

Regret is a choice and can be prevented by the choices we make. Of course, we want to avoid regret - it feels uncomfortable in our bodies, it confirms negative self-talk, it takes us out of present moments.

How we make decisions can determine our experience with regret. 

1) You cannot regret an outcome that is learned through hindsight. The person who made the decision didn't have the wisdom of the hindsight that the person living the consequence has.

2) All decisions/choices have consequences, and those consequences are ours to experience.

3) Consequences need to be understood past the immediate result. There is more to a consequence than good or bad. What seems bad in the immediate future can be very good for us later on. It's our approach that matters.

4) Look at your challenges as a way to learn about yourself and the people in your life. Regret is resolving yourself when you have power to make choices. While you cannot change the past, you can hold yourself accountable and move forward with experience as your wisdom. 

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