2. The Art of Decision-Making: Shit or get off the pot

2. The Art of Decision-Making: Shit or get off the pot

"Shit or get off the pot" is an adage used to urge people to "just make a decision already!"

Why is decision-making so hard?

We have decision-fatigue. We have so many decisions to make on a regular basis, that often when the big decisions are landing on our plates, we feel paralyzed. 

Analysis paralysis is what happens when we play out all the possibilities and feel trapped in our ability to decide which way we want our life to go in the big decisions in front of us.

I love this metaphor because it connects to my background in sex education. I get to teach people about their bodies while providing a valuable perspective.

When presented with "shit or get off the pot" we assume that we have 2 options - to shit or to get off. But really, there are 3 - the one you are currently doing; sitting on the pot. 

Not making a decision IS a decision too. It is avoidance, it is letting things happen without your input.

The reason we are "sitting on the pot" is because we are trying to avoid something uncomfortable (metaphorically shitting is uncomfortable and getting off the pot is uncomfortable).

But if we sit on the pot for too long we are still facing an uncomfortable situation: numb legs, aches in the body and worse, hemorrhoids! (Note: This is where the sex ed comes in)

Hemorrhoids can be more than a nuisance. Sometimes they cause itchiness and discomfort that eventually goes away. Sometimes they require over the counter treatment. In the worse case scenario, they require surgery and there are lingering pelvic floor issues that can develop with long-term hemorrhoid problems. 

Thing is, when we avoid making decisions due to each outcome resulting in something uncomfortable, we develop a discomfort that can be quite detrimental. 

So what does this mean? 

Choose your discomfort. Look at your decisions based on what you are willing to face, as opposed to making decisions based on avoiding consequences. 

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